Meet Manny

Emmanuel cracks me up. We are definitely going to have our hands full with this one but he is just so much fun! He is a ball of energy and loves "to play". He has the most adorable smile and great sense of humor.
Emmanuel is a little reserved and seemed less concerned with getting the oburonis' (white peoples') attention, like all the other children at the school, but more concerned with playing football (american soccer) or other games with his friends.
In my groups, Emmanuel was always making me laugh. He would hurry to get all of his work done so he could get back to playing games, telling stories to the other group members or hiding under his desk. Like his brother he loves to make people laugh. Nothing melts your heart more then seeing this boy smile. Emmanuel was the first to teach me some Twi (their native language). My groups were right before lunch and he would always let me know how hungry he was (poor boy). One time I told him I was hungry too so lets go to lunch. He pointed to me, smiling, and said, "Ekum de me" (pronounced eh-COMB day ma) meaning hunger has taken me. After that at the end of every group he would look at me, smile, and rub his belly saying "Ekum de me" and I would smile back and say, "Yes, Ekum de me."
Emmanuel is very smart and always seems to have a lot on his mind. He has been through so much but is defiantly a surviver. His aunt mentioned to me that the other two (Isaac and Rhoda) depend a lot on each other for support but Emmanuel is independent and strong. You can see there is a sadness in his eyes but also the will to keep fighting and be courageous for his siblings and aunt. All this boy needs is a little love and our family is so looking forward to giving him and his siblings all the love we have to give.