Meet Isaac

What can I say about Isaac? He is the first of the three siblings I met while in Ghana because he is living at the school. From the first moment I met him I knew he was special. When I was introduced to him they called him Obama and explained that it was his nickname given to him because he resembles Obama physically and Isaac is a symbol for hope to the school because of the things he has over come.
Isaac is a sweetheart with an incredible smile who loves to have fun and make others laugh. They call him a comedian because he is often telling jokes and being goofy. When asked about his personality, Isaac explained that he likes to make people laugh because when others are happy it makes him happy.
With him being the oldest, Isaac looks after his younger siblings and is a great big brother. Ever since he lost both of his parents, Isaac has become a protector to Emmanuel and Rhoda. His aunt and a few teachers at the school all mentioned how well he takes care of his siblings and even gives them his food to make sure they don't go hungry. Isaac definitely lives up to his nickname as a symbol of hope and is loved by all at the school.
Isaac was a leader in my group by helping the younger group members. I struggled a lot with the language barrier and Isaac was always there to walk the other group members through the activities and explain what I was trying to say. I couldn't have done the groups without him. Isaac worked very hard in my groups and opened up about the pain and struggles he has experienced since losing both his parents. It is very hard for children in Ghana who don't have parents to help them through the difficulties life in Africa can bring. Our family is so excited for the opportunity to give him and his siblings the love and family they deserve and so desperately want.