Meet Rhoda

Aww my little Rhoda love! All I can say is she is simply adorable. She so sweet and almost always laughing but can also have a little attitude, which I love. She is a girl who knows what she wants and can definitely stand up for her self.
In my groups I noticed that Rhoda was very smart. The work that she completed had so much depth and seemed far beyond her age level. She was able to open up about the grief she has experienced after losing her parents and how much she cares for her siblings. You can tell Rhoda and her brothers are a team. The aunt shared with me how happy she is that we want to take all the sibling together because they depend on one another and even get sick when they are separated.
Rhoda was sick most of the time I was in Africa so I got to spend a lot of time taking care of her. It was impossible to take care of her and not fall in love with her. She was so grateful for the little time and help that I was able to give her. Even when she was sick she kept a smile on her face.
Rhoda and I became almost inseparable while I was there. As soon as Rhoda was done with class and chores she was attached to my hip.
Whenever I told any of the kids to be nice, stop pushing, or no hitting she would point her finger and repeat what I said then look up at me and smile. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with her and her siblings so you can only imagine how hard it was to leave. My family and I can't wait for the day when we can bring them home!!!